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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pink&Chic Newsletter: Look Divine

"Real connoisseurs do not drink wine: tastings secrets." ~ S. Dali

From the 13th to  the 15th of this April {2012}, the Grand Hotel Royal  and Golf (www.hotelroyalegolf.com) Courmayeur will host the first edition of the Royal Wine Festival, a window of a reality that reserves many surprises: the wines of Valle d'Aosta, the crème de la crème of Italy.

The charming lounge bar of the historic hotel will host the wineries of the region; offering the opportunity to become better acquainted with not only the wine scene Valle d'Aosta, on the Route des Vins, but especially the "Vignerons" which, thanks to their love  and passion, despite the  difficult geographical and climatic conditions within the territory, they still continue to produce high quality, genuine wine. In addition to delighting the palate, wine grapes also offer us new ways of enjoying complete relaxation.

On the occasion of the Royal Wine Festival de Beauté Centre of Grand Hotel Royal has studied wine therapy treatment based on active grape: body scrubs, grape seed oil, massage and facial revitalizing properties, antioxidants, and toning.

Having satisfied taste and touch we can not satisfy the view. Here then are some leading looks in which are ideal to exude divinity:

Melys (www.melys.it) proposes a wine-colored dress in soft cotton and cashmere, slim-fit, long scarf are made from elegant tones.

For a sharp look, Vladimiro Gioia(www.vladimirogioia.com) suggests a leather overcoat adorned with studs on the shoulders, perfect when paired with mini dress in leather and rubber sun glasses AL E RO AND DESIGN (www.alerodesig.com) 

The more formal the proposal instead of LAURA MANCINI (www.lauramancini.net) a practical suit jacket and pants in shiny satin fabric black grapes.

LONDON IN PARIS (www.londoninparis.com) offers us a sparkling skirt red lace flounces, while Gulhan OZER a classic high-waisted skirt in shades of purple. 

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