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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Milan diary. Day 1:

 Today, I had no choice; H&M was calling my name like no other. However, to my dismay the Marni collection was already sold out. [Repetitively hits the side of my head to emphasize the following sentence] ...It was silly of me to think it wouldn’t be!

All was not lost though! I may have splurged on something else that compensated for a pair of Marni pumps quite nicely. .I have wanted a designer watch for quite some time now and I thought, “What could be better than D&G?”That something was a SESTRIERE WATCH Dolce & Gabbana watch.  This model features a white leather strap, stainless steel case and and is even water resistant! I am very pleased with this purchase though, now that I have a taste, I’ll probably end up buying 10 more before I leave!

Afterwards, I decided to walk home from Duomo. For those of you who don’t know, many if not all Italians, would think that’s absolute madness! It took me about an hour more or less, but it was well worth it. 

The weather was beautiful and it is always delightful to walk through Corso Sempione Park; today, even more so because I stumbled upon a carnival. I sat on a nearby bench and observed for 20 minutes or so. For some reason, it was incredibly calming to watch children race to be first in line, to smell the aroma of fried dough flooding the air, and to hear the sound of people screaming as the ride began to intensify; probably because it reminded me so much of home. 

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