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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The event for Zoya, Emani, and Cuccio Naturale was a great success!

The lovely Mrs. Zoya herself, made an appearance. She is an incredibly humble and wise woman.  She continued to prove so when she took the time to enlighten me on various topics throughout the evening.

Zoya nail polish

Zoya is extremely well known for its long-lasting durability. In 2010, Allure magazine awarded Zoya Remove + Nail Polish Remover “best of beauty award."  They have collaborated with various designers during fashion week, such as Whitney Port and Peter Som. The company’s innovative approach has gained them not only a high magnitude of success, but a great deal of esteem within the industry.

They are the first ever “safe nail-polish formula” and do not contain any chemicals in which are harmful to your health. Each shade of polish is named after a woman’s name; which virtually means that you die hard nail polish addicts out there have the opportunity to have one named after you!

[Note to self:  The shade Julie is already in existence but not Julianne…. yet!]

My two favorite colors are Marley & Mimi!

The founder of Emani and renowned makeup artist, Michelle Doan, attended the event as well. Now I know what has been missing from my life … Emani! Honestly, I have been searching high and low for a make-up line like this for years. Additionally, I have recently embarked on a never-ending quest in discovering products that contain zero parabens. Well guess what!  It is all natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or parabens whatsoever.   Michelle’s ultimate motivation behind creating the line was her ongoing struggle with skin issues, which I can entirely empathize with.  

Her determination to discover a natural resolution led to this miraculous makeup line. She informed me that we are exposing our skin  to 126 chemical ingredients more or less each day, so why add to it by wearing a foundation containing all names you can’t pronounce… aka harmful chemicals! Emani will not only enhance your beauty, but your skin will thank you! So why not go green?

Cuccio Naturale
Elaine Watson is part genius, part nail enthusiast.  She has perfected the art of nail décor to a T. She is internationally renowned and rightfully so.  

She is an official teacher on Nail Cruise and works for Cuccio. She is the leading person to thank for the revolutionary soak off nail gel ‘Vaneer’.

The motto is “Cuccio colour will last until you want to take it off” and really, what is better than that?

The food was great also! Kudos to Ele's father.

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