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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink & Chic - This week's newsletter

I had the pleasure of writing this week's newsletter for Pink & Chic Communication. It was my first attempt, so be kind :) The theme is Electric Blue and features all of our clients.[These particular photos were not taken by me and are only meant to give a visual]

Winter is finally coming to a halt and spring is gradually inching closer. What better way to start the season off than by wearing the animated shade of electric blue?  It’s time to offset that lackluster mindset and exude vibrancy. Here are some suggestions in order to add liveliness to your wardrobe for this spring.

A bright, floral print 3 quarter length sleeve by Guhlan Ozer

A strapless, tube dress with a stunning peacock feather print by Laura Mancini 

A loose, flowing shirt that ties at the waist, by Melys is the idyllic for woman who is looking to achieve simple elegance.

To complement this look add a touch of dynamism by wearing a modish pair of sunglasses by Al e Ro.

A polished, chic noir long-sleeve lace shirt by London in Paris would be brilliantly paired with a python blazer by Vladimiro Gioia that has a distinctive double zipper. 

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