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Sunday, February 26, 2012

B by Limoni

B by Limoni, the official make up for Women’s Fashion week, was generous enough to bring in a talented team of makeup artists  (only a few hundred meters from Duomo) to offer free make-overs.  Naturally, a line accumulated in a few short minutes. 

The crowed multiplied by hundreds when the renowned Carla Gozzi made an appearance.  She is very well-known and credible for her superior fashion and make up suggestions. She proposed many tips and tricks to all that stopped by and participated. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with her during the midst of my photography gig. Not only is she remarkably charming but she is also incredibly humble!

I love my Limoni gift! 
There is such a wide assortment of products for extremely reasonable prices.  Nailpolish, makeup, shampoo, body oils, lotions and scrubs. If you want quality products without burning a hole in your wallet, I highly recommend B by Limoni!

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