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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Fashion Showroom Project

A recent segment of Assomoda, called Young Designer, is an initiative to promote awareness of young designers' various collections of both apparel and accessories. During fashion week, the young designers' work was showcased in Laura Mancini boutique. The designers featured in the boutique include of course, Luara Mancini, Maiden-Art, Guglielmo Musitelli, Blitz Art, Natalia Borotto, Vita Florence, and Studio Atelier di LUCIA PALMAI absolutely love the concept behind this project and I think it’s a great way to aid in giving young designers the exposure they crave.

The cocktail was located at the boutique last night, Visa Marsala 4 Milano. It was a beautiful event.

The food was prepared directly in the store, by Chef Monzù, Erny Lombardo of the Le Creuset Group. The wine was supplied by Golf and Wine. Both the food and wine were outstanding.

All of the Young Designer's work was on display for all to see.

Excuse the quality of the photos for I forgot my SLR & had to make do with my Iphone. I think that they should suffice though!

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