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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February BIRCHBOX review

Finally, my first birchbox arrived!

For those of you who don't know, I'll take a moment to shed a bit of light on the basis of this site subscription. For 10$ a month, you can receive a surprise box of goodies filled with the latest and greatest samples of beauty products.

Now here comes the less appeasing side ---- you have to request a subscription and due to the waiting list, that could take anywhere from up to 2-4 weeks to be accepted. I was on the unfortunate end of the spectrum and waited a whopping 30 days.

Although, I will say - the anticipation made it that much more gratifying when I received the email announcing my subscription had been granted.

Even more fulfilling was the day I received it!

Harvery Prince|| Skinny  Chic perfume: "a zesty blend  of apple, mint, and lotus blossom." It has a very uplifting light aroma.  Not overpowering, yet surprisingly lasts hours.

LASHEM: "Made with nourishing goji berry extracts and fortifying biotin, this derm-approved serum gives you longer, thicker lashes" I do think this product is one that requires a bit more time to trial it. However, if my mind is not playing tricks on me, then I do believe my lashes seem a touch more thicker. Fortunately, the Greek side has blessed me with thick lashes and brows to begin with so the overall potential difference may only be a subtle one.

Number 4||Clarifying shampoo: "gentle  enough for everyday use, this cleanser  has low suds formula  that removes build-up without stripping hair of essential oils"  I am a huge fan of this one! The smell is really pretty. Over the past few months, I have become exceedingly less fond of products that contain a mile long list of chemical ingredients. I am certainly a great deal more aware of what I'm putting on both my hair and skin. Just because a product may paint a pretty picture on the front, the true essence of the product isn't revealed until  the ingredients are reviewed.

theBalm: cosmetics||  Hot mama: "two-in-one blush  and highlighter with golden shimmer to warm up the complexion" This one is perfect for every day use. It's a perfect balance of shimmer and tint. The hue is absolutely gorgeous on my skin tone.

Fresh || Lotus  Youth Preserve cream: "with antioxidant rich lotus flower extracts protects from free radicals and hydrates  for a full 24 hours" This moisturizer is slightly more of a thicker consistency that I'm accustomed to but I will say it absorbs relatively quickly and leaves my skin undeniably softer. I'd say it gets just shy of an A because I'm not crazy about the smell. 

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