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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A taste of London

London absolutely captivated me. It has such a powerful energy. Traveling solo allowed me to have the luxury of going wherever, whenever. I also enjoy being self-reliant and going through the different kind of emotions  that are evoked when traveling alone. There is undoubtedly a heightened awareness. 

The solitude and isolation also compels you to carefully observe your thoughts and in my case, analyze my past, present, and future. It is an  phenomenal  method for overcoming some of the pain and fears you may be presently holding on to. 

Traveling in general, but especially when alone, allows one to be immersed in their hopes, dreams, and potential possibilities. It is truly an evolutionary process that can bring you immensely closer to discovering your true voice and passions, thus your true self.

 Joseph Campbell puts it perfectly: 
“You are that mystery which you are seeking to know.”

 [Flying over the Alps]
[trafalgar square]

[The London Eye]

[An apartment in Notting Hill]

 [Notting Hill]

[Best Belgium waffle place ever 'Wafflemeister']


[My first sighting of Topshop. I was overjoyed!]

[Oxford Circus]

[St. James Park]

 [The London Marathon] 

 [The London History Museum] 

 [The London Science Museum]

 [St. James park]

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