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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink & Chic Newsletter: "A Summer of COLOR"

The frequent enjoyable weather during summer unquestionably enhances everyone’s mood.  While color is often a reflection of our self expression, it also indirectly conveys our emotions.  Bright colors are also scientifically proven to boost your mood; so if you are feeling particularly distressed one day, why not try to improve your mindset by embracing a bit of color?

A London in Paris red long-sleeve dress will certainly cure your blues; shades of red causes your body to pump adrenaline, which thus increases your energy level and improves your overall mood.

Also in red, a Gulhan Ozer romper with a colorful floral print will add liveliness to your wardrobe.

A layered, light sweater with a paisley print by Melys has the perfect balance of color.

A light blue suede jacket by Vladimiro Gioia will put your mind at ease.  Light blue, the color of the sea and sky, is a very soothing hue. A touch of light blue is a great way to de-stress yourself from your every-day, hectic life.

A halter dress by Laura Mancini in bright blue, will have quite a stimulating effect and simultaneously calm your mind.

Sunglasses in coral by Al e Ro can keep your mind energized while also assisting you in staying motivated.

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